Mark McClellan Hasn't Endorsed Giuliani

Though ex-Medicaid/Medicare dir. Mark McClellan participated in this morning's call with Giuliani health care advisers, he hasn't endorsed Giuliani.

"He's talking to lots of candidates and their staffs," said Gary Karr, a former McClellan aide who keeps in touch with his ex-boss. "This is not an endorsement."

McClellan has consulted with several other Republican campaigns, including Mike Huckabee's, Karr said.

In fairness, the Giuliani campaign did not call McClellan an adviser; he's not mentioned in a press release announcing the Giuliani health care group and was described in an earlier press release as being among those "health care leaders advising Mayor Giuliani."

It's not clear whether McClellan will endorse any candidate. He's just been appointed the founding director of the Brookings Institution's Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform.