Looking Through The 2nd Quarter Candidate Financials

Gov. Bill Richardson's biggest expense was media: about $1.3M. The campaign spent $100,000 to buy the Iowa Democratic Party's voter file, and another $15K for voter files in Nevada. Richardson's staff is about a third of the size of his '08 Democratic rivals Clinton and Obama: only about $500K was spent on salaries. $147,000 of Richardson's receipts are stored in the campaign's general election account. He has more than $7.1M to spend in the primaries.

Political Money Line.com notes that Wes Clark's presidential committee is still open.

Joe Biden's FEC report is loaded with consultants -- media and fundraising. He paid out approx. $500K in salaries. He has about $2.7M on hand.

Chris Dodd spent more than $1M on television and more than $800K on salaries. He spent more than $166K on outside consultants. Dodd spent more than $35K on polling this quarter. He has about $6.4M on hand.

Sen. Sam Brownback has a thread-bare staff: he spent about $150K on salaries. He has $460K on hand.