Location, Location, Location


This house across the street from me looks nice and all, and I like this location very much, but it's by no means Dupont Circle.

I wouldn't mention it at all, but as it happens my house was listed -- by a different property management agency -- as also being in Dupont Circle, so I guess this is now a common tactic in real estate circles. Obviously, as with any neighborhood, the boundary lines get a bit fuzzy, but we're a little bit Shaw and a little bit Columbia Heights -- not Dupont Circle at all.

UPDATE: Incidentally, it's not that I'm unaware of the fact that it's common practice for real estate people to offer misleading neighborhood labels, I just think it's a bad thing. Bloggers push back against bogus White House spin and we should push back against bogus real estate spin as well. Nothing this far east or this far north could possibly be in Dupont Circle.