Lieberman and Hewitt, Sitting in a Tree

Joe Lieberman does the Hugh Hewitt show. There are so many howlers here it's hard to just pick one. At any rate, since James Kirchick seems confused on this point, I'll just highlight Hewitt and Lieberman mongering for war with Iran:

HH: Right. In a statement earlier this month, Senator Lieberman, you said that, and I’m quoting here, “The fact is that the Iranian government, by its actions, has declared war on us.” Given that, if President Bush announced he felt compelled to take military action against Iran, would you support him?

JL: Yeah, of course I would.

Lieberman also informs us that Saddam Hussein "had a network of chemical and biological experts working on it, and a kind of fallback network on nukes, which is what he really wanted." In purely political terms, it's worth noting how stunning it is for Lieberman to go on the radio show of a hard-core partisan like Hewitt in order to attack Democrats while still operating under the Democratic Party banner.