KG Trade?

I just want to make clear that if, as Marc Stein is reporting, the main sticking point preventing a Timberwolves-Celtics trade for Boston to acquire Kevin Garnett is the big ticket's "well-chronicled unwillingness to play in Boston," that though this blog likes to engage in some Boston-bashing now and again it's hardly that bad a town.

The NBA desperately needs Kevin Garnett to be playing on a contending team and, frankly, he and his sad Minnesota crew just might contend in the East. Garnett plus Paul Pierce plus Ray Allen is, on this coast at least, a powerhouse. It does seem, though, that the real stumbling block here should be less a question of where Garnett wants to play than the simple fact that beyond Pierce and Allen, the only asset Boston has is Al Jefferson. Jefferson's a good prospect, sure, but you'd want more than that if you're Minnesota. Can they ask for every first round draft pick until the end of time?