Israel Project Background

A reader sends a link to this curious article by Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, head of the Israel Project, which we met this morning pressing presidential candidates to get hawkish on Iran. Her key thesis -- "if I go to yet another synagogue that has a sign about Darfur and nothing about the threat of Iran, I think my heart will break."

Not that she's against worrying about Darfur per se: "Worry about Darfur? Yes. But why can’t we worry about Iran — perhaps the greatest threat to Israel ever?" Once again, one is left to wonder why Israel went through all the trouble of building the most powerful conventional military in the region and acquiring a nuclear arsenal if all this actually leaves the country more vulnerable than it was in 1966 or 1948. And, again, we see the wearing pattern continue where failure to manifest dual loyalties makes one a bad Jew, but any suggestion of the existence of dual loyalties is anti-semitism.