Is The Surge Working? And Other Articles To Read

Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack, fresh from a trip to Iraq, are suddenly a bit bullish on the surge and were given prime New York Times real estate to make their case. Watch for this one to stir a blogosphere debate today. Meanwhile: could the drawdown begin next April?

Barack Obama e-mails CBN's David Brody to chat about religion. Meanwhile, Slate's popular Achilles Heel series continues today with the question for Obama: what the heck has he done? Over the weekend, the New York Times' latest bio essay about Obama concluded that his tenure in the IL state legislature matched his rhetoric.

Rivals of Hillary Clinton are pushing around this clip today. The Los Angeles Times looks at her courtship of Indian American businesses and their penchant for outsourcing. The AP's Pickler wrote about Hillary Clinton's strengths in South Carolina.

Your daily dose of Parse The Gingrich.

Icky Nashua Telegraph headline of the morning (courtesy of the Hotline's Wake Up Call) : Got an itch in a warm, moist place? It could be fungus