Hot Prospects

Watch past the part where he's being asked about this party photo of him, and you'll see Greg Oden discussing his new life as a blogger. Considering that he's only 19 years old, I'm a bit surprised to see him noting the difficulty of composing a coherent post when you come home at 2:30 AM after being out somewhere. He's too young to drink, and fatigue alone rarely makes blogging difficult. Do you think some people might break that law? Wild stuff. At any rate, here's the Oden blog. Like me he has some typo issues ("A lot of them talked about their colleges and most of them where from Michigan").

Personally, Brian Beutler's going number one in my blogger draft (tremendous upside), but for putting a basketball team together I think I life Oden.

Photo by Flickr user Tonyvu used under a Creative Commons license