Hillary's Message To Anti-War Iowans

A conversation with Sen. Hillary Clinton on Iraq is dropping direct to DVD.

The campaign is mailing thousands of Iowans an infomercial about the Senator's "plan to end the war." "A Conversation With Hillary: Bringing Our Troops Home" was filmed by Mandy Grunwald's team and recorded two weeks ago in Iowa.

The message is two-fold. One is that Hillary is a Midwesterner -- we learn this from Tom Vilsack. The other is that plenty of anti-war Democrats believe in her plan to end the war.

Like Amb. Joseph Wilson and Dr. Julie Thomas, identified by chyron as "Anti-war Caucus goer," in case you needed an explicit reference to the theme of the project.

Dissolve to an establishing shot of Strawberry Farm in Muscatine.

Hillary enters center stage.

She sits in a well-lit dining room with a smorgasboard of Iowans. A lav mic is attached to her bright red jacket.

Then -- boom -- a cut -- it's a multi-camera shoot.

In this small setting, HRC works. The Iowans not their assent as she excoriates the administration for its prosecution of the war.

Watch the full video at HillaryHub.

BTW: there are no extras on this DVD. Next time, throw in some outtakes, at least!