I'm doing this on my phone so it'll be curt.

So far surge architecht keane and the top GOP member have both praised o'hanlon. Keane says we need to stay in Iraq even if there's no reconciliation and wants two or three permanent bases. He also asserts -- contrary to reality -- that sunnis are moving toward reconciliation.

Update: General newbold seems cranky -- very cranky -- about antiwar sentiment but ultimately endorses the idea that we should 'indicate a start date' for withdrawal in spring of 2008.

Update 2: General McCaffrey says we shouldn't even bother to ask whether or not the surge os working until petraeus -- 'the most talented person I have ever met' -- has had a year. He also says we need to give the iraq security forces many more resources. But he says we need to reduce the number of troops we have in iraq or the army will start unraveling in april. He says we can achieve that by leaving the cities. Acknowledges that this is inconsistent with pet's strategy.