Giuliani's Health Care Advisers

As he rolls out his health insurance plan today, the Giuliani campaign is uneviling a roster of health care advisers. One of them is a heavyweigh: Dr. Mark McClellan. McClellan the former head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), is an economist and medical doctor, was a former FDA commissioner, and is considered one of the leading lights in the Republican health care policy world. Pres. Bush nearly made him a cabinet secretary. McClellan was the FDA commish when Plan B was rejected for over-the-counter sales.

Also: Donald W. Moran, a former Reagan administration official, and Sally Pipes, a conservative activist who has criticized the Massachusetts insurance mandate sheparded by Mitt Romney.

And then some younger advisers: Daniel P. Kessler, a young Hoover Institute fellow who studies health care economics, Dr. David Gratzer, a Manhattan Institute fellow and a practicting doctor in Canada.

Giuliani's top domestic policy advisor is former Indianapolis Mayor/Bush adviser Stephen Goldsmith.