Giuliani Drops Radio Ads In New Hampshire And Iowa

Rudy Giuliani will drop three radio advertisements in New Hampshire and Iowa Tuesday morning, the campaign's first paid media effort in early states.

The three ads touch on the economy and government. They feature snippets from Giuliani's stump speeches. Each runs for one minute.

"I believe that you collect more money from lower taxes than you collect from higher taxes. I believe it because I saw it work," Giuliani says in an ad called "Garbage Can." He brags about reducing the city's income tax rate and promises to reform the tax code.

The campaign believes that voters, aware of the candidates' biographies and anticipating the fall, are beginning to compare the candidates' issue positions. Mitt Romney is Giuliani's biggest rival for the mantle of the race's "true fiscal conservative," and Romney has aired more than $1M in television ads, almost certainly contributing to his polling lead in the state.

In March, Giuliani aired national radio advertisements touting his new websites.

These news ads "are the first of many ads our campaign will release in the months to come," said Brent Seaborn, Guiliani's strategy director, in an e-mail to reporters.

Advisers have warned against expecting television ads before Labor Day