Fred Thompson, Meet Sidd Finch

In looking for a good metaphor to describe how the other Republican presidential candidates are framing Fred Thompson these days, the mind first thinks of acting, and then southern fried potatoes, and then a rented red pickup-truck.

How about the New York Mets?

To his rivals, Thompson is the Sidd Finch of the 2008 presidential race.

To those who don't remember, Finch, a rookie, was said to be the great hope of the New York Mets in 1985 -- a pitcher of uncommon skill and quickness -- a 168mph fastball! -- a fascinating character who went to Harvard, practiced yogic flying and wore a single shoe. Victory-hungry Mets fans put their trust in him.

He was, in fact, a creation of the white matter of George Plimpton, an April Fool's hoax.

Tomorrow: another Fred Thompson metahpor proposal.