Fred Thompson, Abortion Rights Lobbyist?

Did Fred Thompson lobby for an abortion rights group in 1991?

His spokesman says no. And John Sununu doesn't think so.

Evidence, and fairly specific recollections of five on-the-record witnesses say yes.

Leave Fred Thompson aside for just a moment.

Since I'm occasionally an optimist about politicians and I like to give alleged panderers the benefit of the doubt, why do most Republican candidates (at all levels) who appear to have changed their minds about abortion remain deathly afraid to just say so? Why do they have to insist that they've NEVER changed their minds? That they've always believed EXACTLY as James Dobson does? I wonder how authenticity polls these days...

Mitt Romney is an exception. You might not believe his conversion, but at least he presents a credible case for a change-of-heart.

And John McCain has been pro-life for a long, long time. I've heard all the explanantions, and I still can't understand why some (not all) pro-life groups so distrust John McCain, despite the fact that, you know, he's really the only guy in the top tier who has hasn't given them reason to doubt that he is personally and irresolutely pro-life? (The sanctity of getting corporate donations must outweigh the sanctity of life. For some -- not all -- of these groups).

Back to Thompson.

Which is more credible? Fred Thompson denying that he ever departed from the pro-life orthodoxy? Or literally a half dozen questionnaires, news accounts, and numerous eye-witnesses who insist he did?