En Route To MHT

Heading to Manchester, NH today aboard one of those oft-delayed U.S. Airways Express flights out of DCA.

Ostensibly, I was headed to the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord to hear Giuliani unveil Principle 2 of 12. But -- heed the "SUBJECT TO CHANGE" warning on the schedule. He's now delivering that principle in Michigan Thursday.

Still, he has five open press events tomorrow including two hall meetings where he'll take questions. Giuliani likes to talk about the economy and his NYC record in New Hampshire. But he is often asked about Iraq, and you can bet that the local press is more hungry for his comments on the latter subject than the former subjects.

On Friday, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton bring their tour to three NH cities and John McCain plans a speech on Iraq and terror.

Iowa was the center of the political universe last week; New Hampshire gets that distinction this week.