Catching up: McCain in Iowa, Rudy and Florida, Thompson And Abortion

## O. Kay Henderson has the chairman of McCain's Iowa campaign not exactly confident that McCain will compete in Iowa this cycle.

## The dogged Jennifer Rubin has sunk her teeth into the Fred Thompson/abortion lobbying story and won't let go. Here's a portion of her latest dispatch:

n his interview with Hannity yesterday, Thompson at first distinguished between a lawyer and his client, contending he represented many types of clients in his 35 years of law practice. Then he made this statement: " I called Sununu. I said 'You remember this?' He said 'No.' And that was the end of that." Contacted last night Corallo denied, despite Thompson's on air comments, that Thompson had called Sununu to compare memory and/or question Sununu's recollection. Corallo did not respond when pressed as to what Thompson then meant by his remark to Hannity. Corallo did confirm that Thompson denied lobbying Sununu or for that matter anyone at the White House.

## Rudy Giuliani beefed up his Florida field staff today, adding seven salaried Republicans to his campaign there.