And Now I'm Leaving

Unfortuately, just as a Wifi signal from George Miller's office started to enter the room, the committee declared an hour-long recess to cast some votes. I can't stick around that long, so I'm heading out. One bit of takeaway, though, is that is the Democratic members of the subcommittee are way, way, way more conservative on average than your average House Democrats. There are tons of white southerners in the group, and very few in the caucus as a whole.

This is a bad pattern for the party and the country. With more progressive members sitting on the relevant committees, you'd have an entry point to get better experts on the testimony lists and a place to try and launch them into more prominent positions in the media. For now, take solace in the fact that the O'Hanlon seems to be edging back left in response to the criticisms he's taken for his op-ed.