An Evening With The Romneys

WOLFEBORO, NH -- All I can really say is that Mitt Romney, wife Ann and four of five sons welcomed a contingent of the national political press corps to their Lake Winnipesaukee home last evening for... well, we agreed to keep the universe beyond threshold of the driveway off-the-record, so I won't say.

These events drive media critics crazy. The theory is that such OTR get togethers are the currency of a press corps that is too willing to cozy up to sources, or to powerful people, and they inevitably reduce the critical distance that is so crucial to a functioning press.

I strongly disagree, for so many reasons, but I generally tend not to pay much heed to theorists who aren't practitioners of the actual craft of political journalism.

Except that one major media organization refuses to allow its reporters to attend events like these to avoid even the appearance of cozying up to powerful interests. (It rhymes with Shoo Fork Thymes).

I'll try to develop some ideas on this topic throughout the year. And if you're _really_ that curious about what went on on the shores of New Hampshire's largest lake last night, I think I convinced one of the Romney brothers to blog about it.