A Democrat Discovers: Mike Huckabee Is A Really Nice Guy

A Democrat who works for a leading presidential candidate was stuck in an East Coast airport last night and ended up with a tale of bipartisan envy that would make David Broder blush. This Democrat, who asked for anonymity in order to share the story, e-mailed:

I ended up waiting for the same flight as Gov. Huckabee. So I struck up a lengthy conversation with the Governor and discovered that Republicans are as annoyed with the on-time performance of airlines as Democrats.

But what really struck me was how Gov. Huckabee remained calm, cool and collected in the face of a reported seven hour delay. Indeed, despite his obvious frustration with the delay (and almost total anonymity), Gov. Huckabee took the time to assist a woman and her 15 month old child down the jetway, carrying the child's bulky car seat.

Not only that, Gov. Huckabee did not attempt to use his assistance of the woman and child to get on the plane before the regular boarding process. After assisting the woman, he dutifully returned to the boarding area to await his turn.

Normally, I'm not in the habit of complimenting Republican presidential candidates - in fact, I'm pretty sure the Governor and I disagree on just about everything - but tonight I was thoroughly impressed by Gov. Huckabee as a human being.