A Creative Way To Fundraise

I'd like to get Mike DuHaime's autograph, but Rudy's will do. This is a fairly creative way to raise some money.

July 12, 2007
Dear Friend,

You know what it takes to win.
It takes a strong team, with motivated individuals who step up and deliver.

You joined Rudy’s team early because you
know Rudy is a strong leader who is ready to
lead America.

Right now states are voting to move their Primaries earlier than ever before. Rudy needs your help now to grow the team and get more early decision-makers, just like you, to step up to the plate.

Will you join me in finding more Team Players?

Will you help Rudy build our team and then lead us to victory?

Please say “yes” right now. Click here and, together, we’ll go build Team Rudy.

In return for helping grow our team, I’ll say thank you. For those Team Players who help grow our team the most, I’ll send:

* a baseball personally autographed by Rudy, or
* a Rudy Giuliani original baseball card, or
* a Team Rudy pennant so you can show others you’re on the winning Team

Right now, you can make a difference. Please say “yes ” and help Rudy win today.