A Classic Debate

Thanks to the good offices of Rob Goodspeed I'm now a Late Night Shots member, and it really is hilarious. I'm reading through a thread on whether or not it's acceptable to go out in Adams-Morgan. Many of the early posts center on the question of whether or not it's a dangerous neighborhood. Then one poster chimes in:

With me (and I assume this is the case with others), the question is whether I would go to Adams Morgan and hang out with a bunch of thugs and poorly bred, unattractive girls, or go to Georgetown, where it is safe, people are more courteous and the bars are nicer.

Another counters:

I don’t know. I saw a lot of poorly bred, unattractive girls this pas Thursday in Georgetown.

If you want hot girls, go to the suburbs where they don’t have happy hour. My recently graduated brother is doing 45 min of cardio 4x a week - just because there’s nothing else to do when he gets out of work at 5:30.

I actually totally agree with this anti-AM sentiment, though mostly that's because the neighborhood is too LNS-ey for my taste. At any rate, I just hope these guys don't make it any further east than Adams-Morgan or else I might run into them somewhere.