What To Watch For This Week

## Tuesday in DC: Two major Dem cattle calls -- the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union, and Take Back America, a liberalpalooza. Watch to see how Sen. Obama does at AFSCME -- it's generally assumed that president Gerald McEntee is a friend of the Clinton's.... and how Sen. Clinton talks about the war at the TBA conference.

## Finance events up the wazoo, as candidates begin to leak their second quarter estimates and fiddle with expectations. Remember, the key numbers to watch are the amount of money raised for the primary only and the total amount of cash on hand. That'll tell us the burnrates.

## On Thursday, Mitt Romney delivers what aides are billing as a "major address" to the American Enterprise Institute in DC. It's all about the "strong military" leg of Romney's three-legged stool metaphor. Per an aide: " The AEI speech will focus on revitalizing American power to build a safer and more secure world. Governor Romney will discuss ways to strengthen our intelligence capabilities."

## On the Hill, the Senate immigration bill is back! That's Wednesday.

The ‘stronger military’ leg of the three legged stool