Two Things That Made Me Laugh

1. Michael Bloomberg:

“I’m particularly upset that the big issues of the time keep getting pushed to the back and we focus on small things that probably only inside the Beltway are important,” he said. “When you talk to people around this country, they care about who’s going to pay their Social Security, they care about who’s going to pay their medical care, they care about immigration, about our reputation overseas.” Nobody is willing to talk about those things,” he said about the issues.

Nobody? Has he not, you know, listened to NPR? Read the newspaper? Watched a debate? Browsed the Interwebs? Maybe he doesn't like the quality of the answers he hears, but that's not what he's saying.

2. Oof.

After a brief stop at a Little League game in Beranek Park, where Emma Claire mentioned that her softball team’s name is the Hawkeyes, the family ventured on to Tipton to rejoin their favorite candidate. Oh, but that’s not entirely accurate — or at least it wasn’t on Saturday. When the Edwardses visited the Cedar County Democrats’ tent, Mrs. Edwards asked her daughter which of the presidential candidates she liked best.

Did she point to dear old Dad? No, she pointed to Hillary Clinton. One strange political event, indeed.