Triumph of the Macrobiotics

Reader R.Y. writes that "the thing about Whole Foods" is that:

It's one of the most viciously anti-union companies in the country. Not fascist (of course!!!) by any means. Still, this could present Jonah with something of a problem--every typology of fascism--as well as its actual, historical iterations--include the crushing of labor unions. So, it sounds like maybe Whole Foods is a GOOD candidate for proto-fascism, no?

But Jonah LIKES union busting--making him, by that logic, something of a proto-fascist himself!! Thus the whole thesis collapses upon itself.

He should have stuck with Hillary Clinton....

This is why I'm such a strong supporter of labor law reform. Whole Foods is a great place to purchase food. It's great, in part, because it's owner is a devious practitioner of the capitalistic arts. Naturally, given our current socio-political climate, this makes him "viciously anti-union." My heart cries for the UFCW every time I buy a delicious, delicious Whole Foods tomato and contemplate the awful state of the produce on sale at DC's Safeways and Giants. I could take or leave the "organic" food concept, which feels to me like a scam, but there's no denying that WF has better fruits and vegetables than the competition. But the guilt. So Whole Foods needs a union and it needs a legal environment in which it can get a union no matter how viciously anti-union the management may be.