The Looming Blowout

Just how lopsided is this year's Finals going to be? Well, according to Basketball Reference, the 2006-2007 Cavaliers score 105.5 points per hundred possessions while giving up 101.3 points per hundred. That's a 4.2 point efficiency differential. The Spurs, by contrast, score 109.3 points per hundred and only give up 99.8 per hundred for a 9.5 point differential.

That's a pretty ginormous gap. The 2003 Nets had a 5.4 point efficiency differential to the '03 Spurs' 6.3, by way of contrast (a mere 0.9 point gap). Alternatively, the 2002 Lakers had a 7.2 point differential and the '02 Nets clocked in with a paltry 4.4 differential, but even that is only a 2.8 point gap.