The Daily... Blurt?

1. Tommy Thompson's out with a radio ad in Iowa. Listen here. The topic: Iraq. Kudos to a Republican presidential candidate to getting out in front of the issue.

2. Here's Bill Richardson's latest. The Barbara Walters reference makes this old ABC'er laugh.

BILL RICHARDSON: Global warming is critical for the next president. And no other state has done as much as New Mexico.

We passed tax credits for wind, solar and biofuels. Utility companies have to use renewable sources. And I set tough standards to reduce greenhouse emissions.

President Bush doesn't follow the Kyoto Treaty, but my state does. I can do all that as president.

JOB INTERVIEWER: But what I asked you was if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

BILL RICHARDSON [v/o]: I'm Bill Richardson, and I approved this message.

NB: Is there less to Richardson than meets the resume? That's the thesis of Ryan Lizza, who agrees that Richardson's charisma has served him well but concludes he is more negotiator than diplomat.

3. A new ad from Sen. Chris Dodd:

CHRISTOPHER DODD: I was blessed to become a first-time father at age 57. Our daughter, Grace, was born two days after 9/11 into a very changed world.

I want my campaign to be about all of our children and the kind of world we give them. I intend to offer the boldest, most creative approaches I can to make our country more secure, to stop global warming and to restore our moral leadership.

I'm Chris Dodd. I'm running for president, and I approved this message, because I know that America can lead the world again.

4. Cool new interactive campaign map from the FEC.

5. Dina Titus endorses HRC. We remember how HRC was the first '08er to call Titus after she lost the NV GOV race...