Stay Classy, Conservative Blogosphere

Ace of Spades cranks out a compelling critique of Glenn Greenwald's work on media representations of masculinity: "I really think that questioning others' masculinity is a game probably better left to people who haven't had more cock in and out of them than a Tyson Chicken regional distribution center." Hm. He continues:

Not that I'm saying homosexuality is incompatible with masculinity, of course. Consenting biweekly to having one's duodenum battered with the manic hydraulic fury of a tricked-out V-12 jackhammer manned by an epileptic Con-Ed worker with an ancestral oath of vengeance against asphalt would, I think, tend to butch one up, at least as regards one's pain threshold.

Naturally this garners the old approving link from Glen Reynolds, law professor and erstwhile libertarian.