Ominous Sign For Obama In New NBC/WSJ Poll?

It's not so much his dip in the vote -- it's only June, after all -- but question number 15, which deals with the desired qualities in a presidential candidate.

Which one or two of the following qualities would you most like to have in the Democratic nominee for president? (IF "ALL," ASK:) If you had to choose just one or two, which would you say are the MOST important to you personally?

The choices:

Bringing real change to the direction of the country: 50%
Being knowledgable and experienced enough to handle the presidency: 39%
Having a vision for the country's future: 25%
Sharing your positions on the issues: 12%
Being inspirational and an exciting choice for president: 6%
Having the best chance to win the presidency: 6%

Experience matters more than excitement and inspiration; Democrats are much more confident about winning in '08 than they were about winning in '04, so the electability quotient matters much less at this point.

We wish there had been a follow up: which candidate has the best shot at bringing real change to the direction of the country?

Obama's campaign makes the argument that it's him, not Hillary or anyone else.