I like to think of Charles Krauthammer and Fred Barnes as locked in a perpetual struggle for the title of "America's worst pundit." Brian Beutler, however, views Bill Kriston as the country's "most dangerous" pundit on the grounds that he "has what seems like a mainline to the White House and yet, of all his colleagues, he is the most casually dishonest, the most outwardly war-hungry, and the most recklessly illogical." Beutler cites the following as an example:

Real progress has already been made in the war against Al Qaeda in Iraq, and the terrorists know it.That's why they're surging against our surge, and why they are attempting to convince us that we have lost when it is they who are losing.

Also: War is awesome. Indeed, Kristol is like a horrifying right-pundit Chimera fusing together the worst aspects of Krauthammer and Barnes, but adding in a strain of raw cleverness that elevates -- and yet denigrates -- the resulting punditry from banal categories like "worst" to more exalted realms of "dangerousness."

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