Leslie Southwick


I hadn't heard about this nominee: "Judge Southwick’s judicial record also shows the usual pattern of President Bush’s judicial nominees: insensitivity toward workers, consumers and people injured by corporations." Southwick did, however, find at least one case in which he chose to side with an employee rather than an employer, a case in which he "he ruled for a social worker who was rightfully fired for calling a black colleague 'a good ole nigger.'" He also "denied a bisexual mother custody of her child" and "joined a concurring opinion that went on to berate the mother for her 'decision to participate in a homosexual relationship' and reminded her that one of the consequences of her 'exertion of her perceived right' was that she might lose her child."

People wonder sometimes why compassionate conservatism hasn't done more to attract black voters over to the GOP side. More here and here (PDF).