Leave it to the Professionals


Fascinating. When I followed Andrew's link to Maxim's odd women of the Israel Defense Forces feature I assumed this was just a wacky lad mag concept the Maxim staff had devised all on their own.

Jessica Valenti, however, points out that this was apparently done at the suggestion of the Israeli consulate in New York.

It seems that some woman MKs are pissed off, which is about what you'd expect. Generally speaking, this seems like a baffling decision to me; Israel's existing techniques of influencing the US political system are very effective, why rock the boat like this? It seems like there's moderate risk and little reward in a patently offensive scheme like this.

UPDATE: Things I didn't know: "Patently offensive is a defined legal term typically reserved for hardcore pornography; applying it to this admittedly weird material dilutes its already somewhat nebulous meaning." Fair enough.