LAT/Bloomberg Poll: Inside The Numbers

Some interesting nuggets from the new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg national poll:

## Women love Rudy

Men are dividing their vote – 30% each – for Giuliani and Thompson, while women give Giuliani more than a 10 point advantage or more over the top three candidates

## Mitt Romney attracts twice the number of independents McCain does

## Nearly half of the Republican primary electorate are not particularly concerned with abortion.

Also, nearly two out of five Republican primary voters said they would be less likely to vote for a candidate that favors abortion rights, 11% said it would make them more likely and 48% said it would not factor into their decision. This issue is a litmus test for the religious right. Nearly two-thirds of those who consider themselves religiously conservative said it would make them less likely to vote for a candidate who favors abortion rights.

## The Democratic electorate is divided between partisan Dems and independents Dems

Three in 10 of Democratic voters who cited a candidate who can bring the country together, supports Obama, while more than half of those who mention long experience in policy making back the NY Senator.

## Obama's doing well among educated women

Interestingly, women with higher education are split – 29% for Clinton and 27% for Obama, but women less educated (high school or less) are supporting Clinton over Obama with a huge 25 point advantage.