I'm Intrigued

Chad Ford floats the following:

The Bulls would send Gordon, Tyrus Thomas and P.J. Brown (sign-and-trade) to Washington, and the No. 9 pick to L.A.

The Lakers would send Bryant to Chicago.

The Wizards would send Arenas and Etan Thomas to L.A.

Chris Orr at the Plank (glad to see other major pundit sites getting into the NBA blogging) denounces this as the "worst trade ever" for the Wizards. I'm not so sure. Given that Eddie Jordan hates Brendan Haywood and vice versa, I think you'd need to include him in the trade rather than Etan Thomas, but if I were Ernie Grunfeld I'd entertain this offer. The results of this are so good for Chicago, that I'd try to hold out for the inclusion of Thabo Sefolosha or the Bulls 2008 first round pick, but I think the combination of Gordon, Thomas, and cap room is probably better than giving Arenas a max deal.

Under his current deal, Agent Zero's an enormous asset, but he's managed to go from underrated to overrated with frightening speed.