Guilt By Association Day: John Edwards


Hugo Chavez hearts Danny Glover; Danny Glover hearts John Edwards. Logical fallacy, yes, to associate Edwards with Chavez-loving.

But Glover hasn't just called Chavez a "very visionary man" and endorsed Chavez's "Bush is the devil" forumations.

Glover's film company has recieved tens of millions of dollars from Venezuela's government-backed film consortium, Villa del Cine. Glover has also touted the virtues of Venezuelan democracy, comparing it favorably to the political system here in the United States.

Is this an endorsement Edwards feels entirely comfortable with?

Eric Schultz, Edwards's spokesman, IM'd a response:

John Edwards does not have to agree with someone on every issue to stand with them on the ones that he does. Danny Glover and John Edwards agree that workers need rights, 37 million people in this country should not live in poverty and we need real universal health care. Just like John Edwards has nothing to do with Lethal Weapon movies 1-4, he also has nothing to do with Hugo Chavez."