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All Christians, except for one Jew. (Should I also count Jay Sekulow, who was born Jewish and later became a Jew who believes in Christ?)

I originally wrote that there were no Jews. Well, I was wrong. There's Dr. Paul K. Driessen.

My observation is not at all subtle accusation of anti-Semitism or anything remotely like that.

It's more of an organizational question: why separate the campaign's Jewish advisory council (there is one) from its faith and values steering committee?

The Republicans generally mock the balkanization of Democratic interest groups -- that Dems send out press releases trumpeting the endorsements of gays, Latinos, etc.

Republicans kinda sorta do the same thing, but they have an innocuous name for it: affinity groups. And suffice it to say, some Republican campaigns think that Israel is the only "Jewish" issue. It's not. I presume any person willing to be publicly identified by his or her religion is interested in faith and values.

The Romney For President National Faith And Values Steering Committee Chairs:

· Dr. Robert Andringa, President Emeritus, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, Arizona

· James Bopp, Jr., Romney For President Special Adviser on Life Issues, Indiana

· Barbara Comstock, Former Department of Justice Spokesperson and former Susan B. Anthony List Advisory Committee Member, Virginia

· Mark DeMoss, President, DeMoss Group Public Relations, Georgia

· Ovide Lamontagne, New Hampshire

· Chris Long, Chief Operation Officer, Foster Friess & Associates, Delaware

· Gary Marx, Executive Director of the Judicial Confirmation Network, Former Executive Director of the Virginia Christian Coalition, Bush-Cheney '04 Conservative Coalitions Director, Virginia

· George Seay, Co-Founder and CEO, Annandale Capital; Co-Founder and Chairman, Legacy, Texas

· Jay Sekulow, Constitutional Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate, District of Columbia

· Lou Sheldon, President, Traditional Values Coalition, California

· Matthew Spalding, Director, B. Kenneth Simon Center For American Studies, The Heritage Foundation, District of Columbia

The Romney For President National Faith And Values Steering Committee Vice-Chairs:

· Jim Anthony, South Carolina

· Rep. Dennis Baxley, Speaker Pro Tempore, Florida House of Representatives, Florida

· Dee Benedict, Christian Activist, South Carolina

· Jason Bonham, Illinois State Director, Legacy Law Foundation, Illinois

· Sen. Cameron Brown, Michigan State Senate, Michigan

· Nathan Burd, Director of International Program & Public Policy, Heartbeat International, Ohio

· Steve Chamberlain, Senior Pastor, Branford Evangelical Free Church, Connecticut

· Tom Coates, Vice President, Truth About Gambling, Iowa

· Dr. Jay Dennis, Senior Pastor, Lakeland, Florida

· Dr. Paul K. Driessen, Esq., Senior Policy Adviser, Congress On Racial Equality, Virginia

· Joe Earle, Former Director Of Church and Community Development, Iowa Christian Alliance, Iowa

· James Edwards, Government Relations Consultant, Olive-Edwards, Virginia

· Paul Erickson, Executive Director, Citizens for the Republic, South Dakota

· David French, Senior Counsel, Alliance Defense Fund, Tennessee

· Nancy French, Author, Red State of Mind, Tennessee

· Justin Hart, Virginia

· Jeff Hunt, Account Executive, The Clapham Group, District of Columbia

· Keith Hunter, Board Member, Iowa Christian Alliance, Iowa

· Don Hutchings, Senior Pastor, Evangel Temple, Arkansas

· M.F. Jackson, Pastor, South Carolina

· Gary Jarmin, President, American Service Council, California

· Sen. Dave Johnson, Conservative Activist, Iowa

· Jimmy Jones, Director, Christ Central Ministries, South Carolina

· John Kingston, Massachusetts

· Gary La Ferla, CEO, G3 International, California

· Wendy Long, Chief Counsel, Judicial Confirmation Network, New York

· Drew McKissick, National Board Member, Christian Coalition, South Carolina

· Charles Mitchell, Conservative Writer, District of Columbia

· Kathy Oltmans, Christian Activist, Iowa

· John Pudner, RNC Catholic Task Force, Alabama

· Melinda Ronn, Senior Faith-Based Consultant, MKR & Associates, Connecticut

· Sen. Alan Sanborn, Michigan State Senate, Michigan

· Jordan Sekulow, Former National Youth Director, Bush-Cheney '04, Virginia

· Rep. Fulton Sheen, Michigan State House of Representatives, Michigan

· Camille Solberg, Former President, Wisconsin Coalition for Traditional Marriage, Wisconsin

· David Vicinanzo, New Hampshire

· Mark White, Senior Pastor, Christian Assembly of God, South Carolina

· Joe Wiegand, Former Director of Voter Education, Christian Coalition, Virginia

· Lori Wortz, Former Board Member, Citizens for Traditional Values, Michigan

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