Another non-Bloomberg presidential candidate has a big-idea, big-policy speech tonight. Ex-Sen. John Edwards takes to the historic stage at Cooper Union in New York City to talk about debt and dignity.

He'll propose a new "Family Savings and Credit Commission" that would regulate consumer financial products -- an idea, incidentally, that comes right from the most recent issue of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas and economist Elizabeth Warren.

"There are still Two Americas," Edwards says tonight. "One America that lives by the paycheck calendar; another that never has to look at the calendar before writing a check. One America that’s afraid it won’t be able to leave its children a better life; another whose children are already set for life."

More, from the speech:

I have learned something in the last four years, though. It’s not enough to talk about the Two Americas. We also need to talk about what we need to do to build One America – and to do that, I believe we have to build One American Economy.

We should start with the Wild West of the credit industry, where some abusive and predatory lenders are robbing families blind. It’s time for a new sheriff in town.

It’s time we did more than say “buyer beware” while millions of families go broke every year. We should put in place the same consumer protections for financial products that we have for everything else Americans can buy. And when I’m president, I’ll do just that.”


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