Durant at the Bench Press


I think you'd have to be a little crazy to let the fact that Kevin Durant flubbed the bench press at the NBA Draft Combine very seriously. I doubt the Titans are regretting taking Vince Young at number three despite his poor wonderlic score. This combine info is probably useful to have when you're looking at the lesser prospects -- you figure that when it comes to labeling one guy the 13th best prospect in the draft and another guy the 14th best the scouts are 97 percent full of shit so you may as well assemble some quantitative info about how strong they are -- but seems useless with top guys.

All-in-all, I feel like the sports media has been depressed by how clearcut the number one and number two picks are this year and have been trying to gin up first silly reasons why Durant might go higher than Oden and now why Durant's stock might slip.

Photo by Wikipedian Corpx, used under a Creative Commons license.