Chris Benoit, Murderer

And now it looks like Chris Benoit led a tortuous, rageful life, and ended by choking his wife and smothering his young son. The WWE spent three hours on cable Monday night eulogizing him, glorifying him, tenderly recounting his love for his young family. Now it seems macabre.

Maybe Benoit's death is a black swan that has nothing to do with the corporate culture of WWE. We'll see. Faced with competition, professional wrestling strove to compete with the real thing, and its "sport entertainers," as chairman Vince McMahon began to refer to his performers, faced growing pressure to bulk up, to subject themselves to ever-more dangerous stunts and spots. At what cost? The company barely survived a steroid scandal a decade ago.

WWE is a public company now, a big Connecticut employer, and its stockholders have generally refrained from interfering with the product. That will change, I bet.