Tonight's Predictions

I don't for a minute believe that the Detroit-Chicago margin is as big as it appeared to be during Game 1, but Detroit is still a somewhat better team playing at home against an inexperienced Bulls squad so I expect them to win, but anticipate Chicago will make it respectable. In the West, well, what can you say? Utah was so bad down the stretch and Golden State so good that John Hollinger, after doing a little specification-searching to correctly "predict" the first round results now thinks the Warriors will win.

But, of course, Utah looked fine playing against Houston. And this matchup seems terrible for Golden State. The Warriors have no answer for Carlos Boozer, and on the flipside Deron Williams has reasonable size against Baron Davis and Utah has the frontcourt depth to just keep smacking him around all series. Last but not least, I don't see Jerry Sloan getting rattled.