The View From Your Breakfast

Breakfast 18 East 12th

This comes from the blog's official little brother. I used to roll that way myself. More recently, however, I came to the conclusion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nick also comments:

Also, FYI, Japanese breafast (at least traditionally) is about as interesting/gross as you could hope for. I also hear that in Iceland some people mix one part skyr with one part porridge (skyr is yogurt I think), but of course you've actually been to Iceland and so should know better than I.

I would say that skyr certainly resembles yogurt -- really thick yogurt -- but I'm not sure that it is yogurt per se. I don't recal seeing anyone eat this skyr/porridge mix for breakfast, but people definitely eat it there. I've got some more breakfast photos on file now, but if you come up with anything interesting, send it over.