The Real John McCain

Dr. LIC:

This is EXACTLY what the Spurs have been missing. Their most hated quality is that they try to pretend they're not assholes when they actually are (Bowen, Popovich). Horry is too old for that. He's been in the trenches. Horry IS the Straight Talk Express. [...] (to take the McCain/Horry analogy one step further, dude is on the darkside but kind of knows what the fuck is up.)

Funny, but I don't really think McCain comes through in the clutch. My all-time favorite Bill Walton moment, however, was Horry-related. Back during, I think, the 2003 Spurs-Lakers series Horry made a good defensive play and Walton remarked "Robbert Horry -- one of the top five defensive players in the game" and his co-broadcaster responds, "Bill, I'm not sure he's even one of the top five defensive players on the floor right now." McCain is kind of like that; full of undeserved reputations.