Didn't watch the Cavs-Nets but I'm eager to see Suns-Spurs. This is obviously a tough one to call. I'd very much like to see Phoenix win at this point. San Antonio won my affection by slaying the Lakers juggernaut back in the day, but today they've become their own tedious juggernaut. At this point, it's probably passé to be a Suns enthusiast (and, frankly, Shawn Marion's whining's become annoying) but they're still fun to watch.

As Jon Barry just said on TV, however, "I just see the San Antonio Spurs doing it again." To -- unlike Barry -- cite some actual evidence for that proposition, I note that San Antonio's regular season point differential was substantially better than Phoenix's (8.4 versus 7.3) even though San Antonio rested its key players much more. But, of course, home court counts in this league.