Pro-Choice Rudy

It seems like the obvious Rudy Giuliani campaign startegy was to run as a proponent of overturning Roe v. Wade while remaining nominally pro-choice -- joining the Wittes/Rosen/Whomever camp. Instead, though, after a lot of flailing around it seems he's decided to forthrightly take up the doomed mantle of the pro-choice Republican and run as Pete Wilson redux or something. Ross says "it's not entirely out of the question, particularly in a frontloaded primary season where his weaker rivals may not have time to accept defeat, drop out, and allow the anti-Rudy vote to coalesce around a single candidate."

It sure seems out of the question to me. Maybe not if there was some substantial body of thinking that commitment to anti-choice views played a major role in the '06 defeat or something, but that's not really out there. John McCain and Mitt Romney should, in my opinion, be popping some champagne this morning.