Polling The Economy

A lot of folks in comments were insisting apropos of yesterday's post that the voters are already convinced that economic conditions suck, and only an out-of-touch rich kid like me could say otherwise. Well, that's not what the polling I've read says. Check out the American Research Group's economy page and you'll see that people seem to have slightly positive views about the state of the economy, though they strongly disapprove of George W. Bush in general and his handling of the economy in particular.

At any rate, the only point I was trying to make was that liberals shouldn't let themselves think that convincing people that the economy is doing poorly is the key factor in bolstering progressive politics. The Great Society came down during a period of strong economic growth. Lou Dobbs and Steve Sailer think the economy sucks and that the only thing to do about it is blame Mexicans. If you want to sell progressive policies, you need to sell progressive policies.