Is John Hood a Robot?

Somehow, I'm not familiar with John Hood's byline. This post he did on Iraq, however, reads like it was put forward by an automatic text generator or something:

Basically, anti-war Democrats think that their statements and policy proposals are a response to an impossible situation in Iraq. They have it backward. Their statements and policy proposals are a main reason why the situation in Iraq is so dire. Like it or not, the enemy is counting on them — it is trying to manipulate American public opinion, because it can't win on the battlefield. Their goal is an ignominious American retreat. It cannot be in our interest to comply.

You also learn in his post that this is exactly what happened in Vietnam. You can tell Hood's not an actual human being, because not only does he put this forward in a totally humorless manner, he does it utterly without self-consciousness like he thinks he's expressing novel ideas rather than warmed over hackneyed propaganda.

Note that this is all grounded in a kind of tawdry knock-off of the Green Lantern Theory. Rather than actual indomitable will, Hood is proposing that what we need to win in Iraq is the appearance of indomitable will, with said appearance to be achieved by stifling domestic political criticism and press coverage. He doesn't, however, actually call for the implementation of the sort of comprehensive media censorship and establishment of a one-party dictatorship that would be the only way to implement his preferred military strategy. Which, of course, is because it's just political propaganda aimed at deflecting blame for the disaster in Iraq away from the architects of the policy and on to its opponents.