Headline of the Day

This is the sort of crap that makes The New York Sun an indispensible source of arch wingnuttery: "Sarkozy To Extend Prime Job To Known Anti-American". The article doesn't make it very clear, but I think headline refers to the fact that Hubert Védrine may or may not have been in talks with Sarkozy about becoming Foreign Minister, though it appears Védrine won't, in fact, become Foreign Minister. The real news here, though, is that Sarkozy appears to be wooing two different Socialists -- Védrine and Bernard Kouchner -- for some kind of foreign policy position, even though they're not only both Socialists, but on different ends of the foreign policy spectrum.

The moral of the story would seem to be that Sarkozy doesn't have particularly strong feelings about what he wants to do in foreign affairs and is overwhelmingly interested in ways to strengthen his political position in hopes of pursuing domestic reform.