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Getting To "Yes"

Via Tyler Cowen, the best Spiderman 3 review I've seen:

I bet that if the Sandman and Spiderman could have just gotten away from their positional stances (“I need to take money” and “I need to catch crooks” respectively), to their underlying interests (“I need to help my little girl” and “Dude, I’m all about helping the people”), they could have found some common ground. There was opportunity there, and it could have saved a lot of expensive plate glass and I-beams and cars being thrown about.

Indeed, since Peter Parker just so happens to have considerable scientific talents, it's not clear that his Spider-Man persona need have entered the picture at all. Similarly, it's often seemed to me that Bruce Wayne could do more to help Gotham if he stopped wasting time in the Batman suit and focused on deploying his business and philanthropical assets more effectively.