If you, like me, kind of had this sense that liberals were dominating the internet here's the actual evidence. I think it's possible to over-read this trend. The Bush years generally, and the 2003-2006 period in particular, naturally gave liberals more to complain about. And this came at a period when conservatives utterly owned the radio and were predominant in television punditry as well. So it's naturally that the internet void filled up with what was around to do the filling -- lots of liberal energy, relatively little from the right.

In one sense, though, the web really is better suited to progressives. The big difference between the progressive political coalition in American and the conservative one is that the members of the progressive coalition have much less in common with each other than do the members of the conservative coalition. The web, where the general idea is to narrowcast, is just a better fit for an assortment of demographic groups that tends to be pretty miscellaneous in terms of anything other than voting for Democrats.