Even More Richardson

If you want to read commentary on the Richardson energy speech from someone who really knows what he's talking about, check out this analysis from Dave Roberts at Grist:

No politician from either party has put forward a plan that comes closer to being a realistic response to the energy shortages and climate chaos heading our way.

Good for him. Incidentally, I don't really think it behooves environmentalists to pre-emptively concede things like "I don't think Richardson has much of a chance at the presidency" when discussing this plan. His business friendly reputation gives him a ton of fundraising potential, "first Hispanic president" ought to stand alongside "first black president" and "first woman president" as an exciting possibility, he's experienced, he's a very popular governor of a swing state, etc. etc. etc. If folks don't want to try to push him into the ranks of serious consideration because they don't particularly care for the idea of a Richardson Administration, that's fair enough. But if global warming is a problem that warrants as much dramatic actions as environmentalists seem to think it does, then I think environmentalists should be trying to convince me that they're right about national priorities and I should vote for Richardson.