Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't understand the rationale for doing away with the EB-1 "alien of extraordinary ability" visa, as the immigration compromise seems to. Are we worried that the immigration of foreign rock stars, CEOs, and nobel prize winners is going to unduly depress the wages of our home grown superstars?

Leading critics of the bill say it is fraught with problems for top universities, Fortune 500 companies, sports recruiters and cultural institutions seeking to lure global leaders in their fields to work in the United States. Though many such candidates would rise to the top of the point system based on their academic backgrounds and language skills, experts say permanent residency would by no means be assured. They note that even Nobel Prize winners occasionally have weak English skills, while highly skilled athletes and musicians often bypass traditional schooling and do not possess high school diplomas or university degrees.

Yao Ming didn't go to college and didn't speak English when he first came to the states, but what's the harm of giving him a visa? As I say, maybe I'm missing something. I first heard of these visas three weeks ago and maybe there's some problem.